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    We are the Vietnamese Language School and Tour Operator with 9 years experiences in HCMC. At the moment, we are looking for active, honesty people for these positions:

    We are now looking for 10 Vietnamese tutors to instruct our foreign students in Vietnamese

    • University degree (full time), 2nd-4th years students (part time)
    • Excellent in English speaking.
    • Understand about Vietnamese culture, history, economy, traditional games
    • Speaking others languages is an advantage (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)
    • Can work as a part time job with flexible hours (as you will follow the studying schedule of your students)
    • Accent from Southern Vietnam or Northern Vietnam. Please mention in your CV which accent you speak.
    • Willing to teaching Vietnamese at School or any place in HCMC (student ‘s house, office, apartment)
    • Have your own transportation.
    • Experience teachers are preferred, but not necessary, inexperience teachers will have to join a class for training at the school.
    Payment: Will mention in interview

    How to apply
    Please send your CV and cover letter in both English and Vietnamese online. Please include, in your cover letter, answers to the following questions:

    1. Why you would like to teach Vietnamese language?
    2. Where would you introduce your foreign friends to if they were to arrive in HCMC, VN?.
    3. How do you explain this sentence to your foreign friends: “trời ơi! biết rồi ! khổ lắm, nói mãi.. “
    4. If you apply for part time: What is the best time for you to teach? (Morning, afternoon, evening?).
    For part time candidate, you have to free either the whole morning or the whole afternoon 5 days/week from Mon to Fri. We don’t recruit candidates who are only available in the evenings and weekend.

    For full time candidate, please write: free all days.

    The successful candidate will have:
    • A great chance for training and learning at School.
    • A great network of expat.
    • Great chance to work with International environment.
    There is no deadline for this position, we recruit everyday…!! PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT VIA PHONE NUMBER.
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